Puzzle 16: Freestyle 10. Do you feel the pressure?

Last week’s Wordominoes solution

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Word count: 72
Mean word length: 5.39

I interrupt my regularly-scheduled variety puzzle to bring you this late-breaking crossword. No, seriously, I had a variety puzzle planned out for this week (you’ll see it next week), but events recent to this puzzle prompted me to make this one special. Why? Because… reasons. You’ll see upon doing the puzzle.

The seed for this puzzle was obvious. It’s the reason I broke out of my normality and did an 11-stack… it was because I had to. Heck, it’s the reason I’m posting a crossword puzzle today instead of the usual variety puzzle. This one actually wasn’t too bad to fill manually, considering it was an 11-stack… perhaps it was because I started at the bottom? I felt like the seed entry was better suited as a starting point where it was, so I started there. That actually wasn’t the only seed in this puzzle… 12-Down was as well, because I found it fascinating that those things actually exist now. The mini-seeds were 51-Across and, in turn, 28-Down. 51-Across was the reason I had to break up the stacks in the lower left and upper right; I’d originally planned them as triple 10-stacks, but I constructed the lower right first, which forced me to put that block in to break up the stack. With that kind of answer, tho, I’m happy to break a stack like that.

My favorite thing that I learned from this puzzle was a tie: as I said above, that the thing at 12-Across actually exists, and that 51-Across actually wrote a book… which was called THAT. Just the phrase “mint guy” in a book title is enough to make it hilarious. Plus, I knew the factoid at 22-Down, but I just had to include it as a clue… crazy fact, right?

As always, I’d like to know, folks… comment is welcome! Come say hello! What did you like? What could I do better? Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? When you go to the eye doctor’s office, have you ever tried to pronounce the rows in the eye chart as though they were single words? Have you ever been befriended by a rogue band of five-legged squirrels?

As always, share this link! Pass it around! New freestyle, as usual, on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 16: Freestyle 10. Do you feel the pressure?”

  1. JETAIRLINER as a seed answer? Okay, you just might have just overtaken Quigley as my favorite crossword constructor. I’m working through your archives from the beginning, and loving it!


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