Puzzle 33: Anagram Crossword 2. All mixed up with somewhere to go.

Last Friday’s Word Worms solution

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Get the PUZ here!

Since there was some good positive feedback about my first Anagram Crossword (try it if you’ve missed it!), I decided to bring back the concept for another go-around. Since that last one, I’ve added quite a bit of words to the anagram wordlist, so I worked with a more expanded vocabulary that certainly made it easier for me to construct. I constructed this puzzle to have a little better flow than the last one (the 5×3 corners in the upper right and lower left are a little closed off, but that’s it) to make it less likely that solvers would get stuck.

You’ll see that I included a couple of longer — 11-letter, to be exact — entries here. Honestly, it was an excuse to throw in a longer anagram that amused me more than mildly (not because it’s apt — at least I don’t think it’s apt — just that it was funny that the anagrams worked out). I also threw in a few more “tricky” clues than in the last one, but I still think I’ve kept it fair and eminently solvable.

I’ll be back with another freestyle crossword puzzle, of course, on Tuesday. The answer to  Freestyle Puzzle 19 will appear there too. But I hope this will tide you over until then.

As always, I’d like to know, folks… comment is welcome! Come say hello! Let me know how you did! What did you like? What could I do better? Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadow? Would a parrot start to stutter if you kept it in an echo chamber? Wouldn’t it be fun to see downhill slalom skating at the Olympics?

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4 thoughts on “Puzzle 33: Anagram Crossword 2. All mixed up with somewhere to go.”

  1. finally got time to solve this. fantastic Xcrafting tim. loved it!! very clever idea, this cross-breed. ha ha. takes more time, of course, than a regular themeless, but what a gas! helped that you used so many ‘gimme’ answers, so to speak. those (standards) balanced out the difficulty a lot…

    like: abet, euro, ergo, eves, alms, eel, erie; as well as common gimmes of answers pre-anagram, like: ete, roe (as was ore a gimme), aide, ups, lien.

    that many usual suspects tamed the wild a little bit.

    and “ERICCLAPTON”… that one blew my mind. now that’s anagrammin’!
    “REBUS” was neat, too.

    so now I have to go try your first anagram puz! make more!



  2. I have to agree with Ken. Much as I appreciate the cleverness of the clues in your themeless puzzles, for this kind of puzzle I think you may want to dial some of the trickiness back since it’s hard enough to settle on the correct anagrams (especially when there’s more than one possibility). At the very least you may want to consider having two separate versions: one with easier clues and one with tougher clues.


  3. I like this style, but that was too hard to be fun. A lot of themeless style clues combined with the anagramming left a lot of paths to follow for any given block, and finding the right combination was a slog. I’m sure it’s a tough balance in constructing, though!


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