Guest Freestyle #1 by Jason Mueller. Time for something new and exciting!

Get the PDF here!

Get the PUZ here!

Word count: 72
Mean word length: 5.31

As promised yesterday, I’ve got a guest freestyle puzzle today! Jason Mueller’s the name, and this 72-word freestyle’s the game. (I have no idea what that means.) Jason emailed me a few weeks ago with this freestyle puzzle for my consideration. I solved it right after I got the email, and replied that I very happy to have it on the site.

Jason tells me that he is (as of this blog post) unpublished, but will have his major publication debut on Sunday, May 31, in the LA Times. (Impressive enough, but a Sunday debut is even more impressive, still!) This is a pretty darned polished freestyle construction with some fun entries in it. In fact, the one running across the middle is… well, was… on my own seed list. He is from Missouri, an alum of the University of Missouri, and was captain of their quiz bowl team. I am very happy to present this freestyle from Jason, I look very much forward to his LA Times debut, and I look forward to many more of his puzzles to come! Nice job, Jason.


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