Puzzle 90: Freestyle 62. A place to hang your hat.

Last Tuesday’s freestyle solution

Get the PDF here!

Get the PUZ here!

Word count: 70
Mean word length: 5.34

Have something you wanna say? Got a question? Want to do a guest freestyle? Want to collaborate on a freestyle? Want to just say hello? Hit me up by email!

Obviously, when you look at it, you’ll probably figure out that I had some 13-letter seed entries that I wanted to get off my list (specifically, 37-Across and 38-Across). I didn’t want to do that in an ordinary way, however — I stacked them in the middle. You’ll also notice the three 15s running down intersecting the stack; I had originally only planned for the two on the outside (I didn’t want two of those 3/2/1 triangle-shaped masses of black squares, which would have been necessary if I didn’t want the 15s at 3-Down and 11-Down). However, the opportunity presented itself — believe it or not, the grid wasn’t working out that great until I opened up the center column from a 4/5/4 to a single 15-letter entry.

Also, the upper right and lower left corners, if you can picture it, were originally stacks of five (I even tried six at one point), but I shortened them to four, as you see in the finished product. That drastically affected the block pattern, obviously, but it worked out for the better.

My favorite thing that I learned from this puzzle is the creature in 26-Down. Seriously, take a look at pictures of this thing… it’s crazy!

As always, I’d like to know, folks… comment is welcome! Come say hello! What did you like? What could I do better?

As always, share this link! Pass it around! New puzzle on Friday!



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