Puzzle 135: Freestyle Collaboration 1, With Sam Ezersky. A team effort!

Last Friday’s freestyle solution

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Word count: 70
Mean word length: 5.40

Have something you wanna say? Got a question? Want to do a guest freestyle? Want to collaborate on a freestyle? Want to just say hello? Hit me up by email!

Well, here it is… the first collaboration on the Club 72 website. And it’s with a fellow constructor whom I enjoy greatly… Sam Ezersky at The Grid Kid! I had surmised that our styles of constructing would go together extremely well… and this was definitely proven out during the construction and cluing process.  Sam approached me with a middle skeleton, if you will, and we worked outward from there. Sam was on a real roll here, as most of the fill in this grid is his. It sort of balanced out, because most of the clues were mine. However, we both collaborated on both the clues and the fill, so this was a true team effort! Seriously, go do his puzzles on The Grid Kid after you’re done with this one, because you will be blown away.

As always, we’d like to know, folks… comment is welcome! Come say hello! What did you like? What could I do better?

As always, share this link! Pass it around! New puzzle on Tuesday!


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