Puzzle 553: Freestyle 501. Don’t be an idiot.

Last Friday’s freestyle solution

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Probably preaching to the choir here, so bear with me. I just feel like this needs to be said. I already think that social media is toxic, but in these times, social media is literally being toxic to people’s health. People are saying things on social media that are encouraging the spread of coronavirus. So do us all a favor:

Don’t rinse out your nose. Don’t rub colloidal silver all over your body. Don’t eat copious amounts of garlic. For goodness’ sake, don’t gargle with bleach.

Don’t listen to someone who read one article on the Internet and is now an expert epidemiologist.

Listen to the World Health Organization.

Listen to the CDC or your national public health organization.

Listen to your provincial or state health officials.

Listen to your county or municipal health officials.

Listen to your medical professionals — you know, the ones with the MD, DO, RN, and NP after their names.

And that’s it.

Oh, and wash your damn hands.


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