Puzzle 644: Freestyle 584. Oh my God, you guys…

Last Tuesday’s freestyle solution

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Word count: 72
Mean word length: 5.31

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Hoisted by my own petard. My goal for the clue for 11-Down was to get that song stuck in your head incessantly (if you know it). I think it will, but, in the meantime, it has gotten that song stuck in my head. I struggled so much with that corner that I think you deserve to have that stuck in your head as payback.

Thanks so much to all who’ve left a tip! It’s much appreciated, believe me.

Thanks as always to the test solvers for their input.

As always, share this link! Pass it around! New puzzle on Friday!

9 thoughts on “Puzzle 644: Freestyle 584. Oh my God, you guys…”

  1. My first thought was, “Did they really do a musical about ERLE Stanley Gardner?” And then I remembered ELLE in Legally Blonde. Hell, I guess I’m really old. Thanks for another great puzzle.


  2. I did do the puzzle and I finished all right (in 58:08!), but with the first two letters of 46-Down wrong, because I didn’t know the crossing entries at 46- and 49-Across. And now I’m sure that the clue for 5-Across should refer to 48-Across instead of 26-Across.

    I just noticed something else. In the comments above, you refer to “the clue at 11-Across”, but I think you mean “the clue at 11-Down”. (And I’m glad I’ve never heard the song it refers to 😜 .)


    1. It is indeed referring to the character, who is studying for this in the musical. Though, you’re right, it could refer to that too.

      Oh man, I guess I am in a foggy state of mind…


      1. Gotcha. I’d never heard of the musical, but the other entry leapt out at me.

        And, as for being in a foggy state of mind, all I can say is, “Welcome to the human condition!” … 😜


      2. Tim,

        I *have* heard of the movie “Legally Blonde”, though I never saw it. After I finished the puzzle, I meant to look up something about the musical, but got side-tracked by other events.

        Just so you know: As always, I enjoyed your puzzle immensely, even though my first thought upon looking at it was, “My God, I don’t understand *anything* in these clues!” That’s what I love about your puzzles: that, little by little, as the fog clears, I manage to do them (and, almost always, with no errors and without looking anything up).

        So, thanks again …



  3. I just began looking at the puzzle and I see that the clue for 5-Across refers to 26-Across, but there is no 26-Across. I see a way in which this could be intentional, but I’d rather not flail for an hour and find out that it wasn’t. So I’m trying to decide whether or not to continue …


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