Puzzle 855: Freestyle 786. Don’t make too many waves.

Last Tuesday’s freestyle solution

Get the PDF here!

Get the PUZ here!

Word count: 68
Mean word length: 5.44

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Thanks so much to all who’ve left a tip! It’s much appreciated, believe me.

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4 thoughts on “Puzzle 855: Freestyle 786. Don’t make too many waves.”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’m thinking about maybe trying a youtube channel where I solve indie crosswords. Would you mind if I did yours? Of course, I’d give you credit and provide a link to the puzzle.

    I always find your puzzles a bit challenging, but very enjoyable.

    Thanks, Vince


    1. Vince,

      Of course, I would love that! I always enjoy solvers’ perspectives on my grids and find them quite interesting… especially during the process of solving, as well as after the fact. I appreciate your asking in any case.


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