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Puzzle 367: Wordominoes 5. What goes around comes around.

Last Friday’s freestyle solution

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I love constructing these Wordominoes grids. The construction process is so interesting, mainly because every letter is triply checked — each letter is in an across answer, a down answer, and in a cage — and the process is entirely by hand. There’s no software for this. Like a normal crossword, of course, I have a seed entry (which is, in this case, in cage 1) that I build the grid around, but I have to also make sure it works in the grander scheme of the rows and columns. If these strike your fancy, and you missed the others, here are the previous four for your solving pleasure.

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Puzzle 4: Going Numberless. Because, in crosswords, location is everything.

(When I get a chance like this to plug my favorite band, I’ve got to do it, no?)

Last week’s A Capital Idea solution

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Call me crazy, but I think this just might work. Now, a regular crossword does require a bit of logic to complete, but I’ve upped the ante on the logic with this. As you’ll see, I’ve given you two (small, 9×9) grids, I’ve given you the clues… but I haven’t given you any numbers. You’ve got to figure out not only what the answers are, but also where the answers go. The point of these puzzles is to use some logic to hammer away at the interlock until all the answers fall into place. I intend for this to be a tough but fair challenge. Let me know… was this unfair? Or was it too easy? Did things fall into place? How did you do?

I downgraded the difficulty of the clues (I pretty much had to) and I didn’t include any obscure words or other crosswordese that you wouldn’t find outside of crossword puzzles. As you’ll see, I gave you two different puzzles with two different levels of difficulty, in which the clues are listed in alphabetical order two different ways: one by their answers, and the other by the clues itself.

I’ll be back with another crossword puzzle, of course, on Tuesday (this time with clue numbers!). The answer to Freestyle Puzzle 2 will appear there too. But I hope this will tide you over until then.

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