Puzzle 447: Wordominoes 7. Round and round we go… where it stops, you’ll have to know…

Last Friday’s Anagram Crossword solution

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I’m coming back for another go-around, so to speak. for another Wordominoes puzzle. If you have missed the previous ones, they can all be found here. If you don’t know the history of this puzzle type, you can look through the previous posts or endure this little spiel. I wanted to make a three-dimensional crossword without having to resort to actual three-dimensional means. I came around to this idea, where every letter is triply checked: each letter is in a row, a column, and a cage. It certainly adds an interesting dimension to construction, as you have to worry that each letter fits in three different answers, not just two. It can get frustrating when you find a dupe (luckily, I didn’t here), as you often can’t just change one letter, because that changes three words, not two.

Thanks so much to all who’ve left a tip! It’s much appreciated, believe me.

Thanks as always to the test solvers for their input.

As always, share this link! Pass it around! New puzzle on Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Puzzle 447: Wordominoes 7. Round and round we go… where it stops, you’ll have to know…”

  1. I have a question about solution and don’t have the patience to wait until it’s revealed Tuesday. Is it cool to ask here, or do I need to wait?


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