Puzzle 709: Freestyle 646. You need a lift?

Last Tuesday’s freestyle solution

Get the PDF here!

Get the PUZ here!

Word count: 70
Mean word length: 5.40

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7 thoughts on “Puzzle 709: Freestyle 646. You need a lift?”

  1. Good one! Took me an hour and a half and, if I had only spent another couple of minutes, I’d have corrected the one stupid error I made.

    And thanks, Tim, for correcting the clue for 63-Across in the last puzzle. I wish you’d take another look at the math in 38-Down, though: my “11:00 AFTER 5:00” (5:11) is a lot closer to SSE (5:15) than your “11:00 TO 5:00” (4:49) is. (I’m obsessing about this only because I save all your puzzles.)


      1. Yes, the “more or less” you already have in there is fine.

        If you’re pressed for time – honestly, I don’t know how you’re managing to hold down a day job, deal with moving, and still create two puzzles a week – I can always create a .puz file of my own.

        I really do intend to try your puzzles again when I get old. (I’m only 78 now … 😜.)


        Dave Kennison


      2. I do appreciate very much the offer to help out. Right now we are settled into the apartment, so that isn’t a problem. Honestly, creating a puz file is no big deal because the app I use on my device already formats it as such, and so it’s just a matter of moving it to my PC. I pretty much have my time management with these down to a science. There are stretches where I really get on a roll cluing, and I can knock them out pretty efficiently.


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